Welcome to the HEHS Forensic Team website. 

The HEHS Forensic Team meets Monday- Thursdays from 3:00- 5:00 pm in room 264. 

The HEHS Forensic Team is an extra-curricular activity, which focuses on competitive speaking and acting skills and bridges the gap between drama and debate. Forensics (also called Speech Team) consists of 13 IHSA sanctioned events that are divided between three areas: public speaking, interpretive reading, and dramatic/humorous acting. 

As members of the forensic team, students learn the process of material selection and/or speech writing, editing, and performance. At various speech contests, students perform their speeches, readings, or acting scenes where they are evaluated and qualify for possible individual and team awards. 

The HEHS Forensic Team competes in about 14 Saturday tournaments from October through February, which includes invitationals in the suburban area, regional, sectional, and state competition. All students are welcome to participate. Coaching practice sessions are scheduled after school and according to coach/student availability. 

For more information on the HEHS Forensic Team please contact Naz Ahmed at ;