Sponsor:  Lilia Ramirez,

Operation Snowball is founded on the belief that all people have the capacity to make sound decisions and to exert a positive influence on others, if they have adequate information and self-understanding.  Snowball takes its name from the idea that positive thinking and behavior can spread from person to person, gaining momentum and growing, like a snowball heading down a hill.  The club and program is intended for those who choose to make healthy lifestyle choices such as not using drugs or alchohol.  The Snowball experience trains and empowers students to be leaders and positive role models.  They are provided opportunities to run and direct regular meetings, small groups, team building, fundraising, prepare and plan for the annual retreat, which includes HEHS, SHS, CHS and PHS.  All students can participate in team building activities, listen to motivational speakers, and enjoy making new friends.  The Operation Snowball retreat is a safe environment for students of all backgrounds to express themselves and discuss how to cope with the struggles of high school, while having an amazingly fun experience along the way.  This year, Hoffman Estates High School will host the annual event on Saturday, March 2, 2019.

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