Welcome to HEHS Foreign Exchange Club
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Sponsors:  Sara Carey (French),
David Rodriguez (Spanish),
Jeanie Brew (German),  

The Foreign Exchange Clubs sponsor foreign exchange programs whose purpose is to further students' intercultural appreciation and understanding. These programs include Youth for Understanding (YFU), Rotary International, and our own school exchange programs with France, Germany and Spain. Membership is open to all students.

The goal of French Club is to encorage enthusiasm, curiosity and interest in the French language and cultures, from French speaking areas around the world.  A variety of actitivies are planned each year, such as French restaurant trips, Mardi Gras, crepe party, selling crepes at home football games,  painting French art, French film screenings,  and much more!

If you'd like to learn more about the German culture, join us in German Club!  One of our main events is running our bratwurst concession stand at home football games. Other activities include, restaurant trips, movie nights, card tournaments, bowling outing with the Spanish Club, a soccer game against Spanish Club members, playing the German game of Tipp-Kick, which is a table-top soccer game that is suprisingly intense.  These are just some of the fun activities we have planned! 


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